Terms & Condition

Terms and conditions and retrun and refund policy ( For donation and room booking) :-


Important Rules Regarding donation on website http://www.takhatpatnasahib.com/:_


1. Donation to Takhat Sir Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib, Patana is exempted from income tax in accordnace with income tax act section 80-G, vide Govt of India, Ministry of Finance ( Revenue and insurance Dept.) New Delhi, Memo No. F. No. CIT ( E)/pat/Tech/80G/Appl/11(41)/2015-16/5092-96 under the provision of u/s 80G(5)(i)(a) the institution/Fund registered u/s 12A, u/s, 12AA(i)(b) or approved u/s 10(23C), 10(23C),(iv)(via), etc. Shall have to maintain seperate books of A/c in respect of any business activity carried on and shall intimate this office within one month about commencement of such activity . Exemption be valid in perpetuity with effect from 09.12.2015.


2. There is no retrun and refund policy in case of donation.


3. This is volumentry contribution, there is no service or product associated.


4. After making donation, donation receipt will be send of user email id and also message will be send on his mobile number.


For more information contact: info@takhatpatnasahib.com



Important Rules Regarding Room booking on website http://www.takhatpatnasahib.com/:_



  1. To make online room booking, you need to verifyt your email id and mobile number with on our website with a valid email and mobile number.

  2. If the booking amount is debited from your Bank Account/Card, a receipt will be sent to your email id in two working days after receiving the confirmation from your Bank. You can report such occurrence to info@takhatpatnasahib.com.

  3. If Re-trying: Please first check whether your bank account/card is already debited/charged with the amount of earlier transaction. If debited/charged please do not pay again. Receipt will be sent as stated above.


Important Rules Regarding Online Booking of a Room:-


1. While booking the room it should be kept in mind that families only will be given the room. Room will not be given to only boys and girls. If anyone makes such a booking he/she will not be given the room and booking amount will not be refunded.

2. There is no retrun and refund policy in case of Room booking also.

3. A family can book the room for maximum 2 nights. No Extension (online/offline) will be given.

4.The person making online booking will have to upload his identity proof (Aadhar card/ Voter card/ Passport). The original proof will have to be brought along at the time of stay.

5.Check in time will be 1 PM (1300hrs) and Check out time at 12 noon (1200hrs). Full day’s rent will be deducted in case of late check out.

6. No change will be made in the date of booking.

Things to Remember


1. If payment is made from your bank account/card at the time of booking then a message will be sent at your registered e-mail. If within 2-3 working days after the confirmation of payment by the bank.

2. Before making a second attempt to book a room, verification about the payment regarding the first attempt should be done from the bank. If there is any fault with the payment then the second payment should not be made.

3. Keeping in view the sanctity of the Niwas, no intoxicants/drugs should be taken inside the Niwas. If anyone is found consuming intoxicants/drugs he will be evicted from the room immediately.


For more information contact: info@takhatpatnasahib.com.